A brand is more than just a name, a logo design or a snazzy strapline – it is everything that encompasses your organisation and helps to set you apart from others. The most important reason branding is important to a business is because it is how a company gets recognition and becomes known to the consumers. Your brand adds personality behind your company name and it delivers a message about what your business is about.

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Tokoriki Island Resort Branding and Graphics

What Should A Brand Do?

What should a brand mean? What message is the brand trying to communicate? Who is the brand trying to speak to? These are some of the key questions to ask when thinking of a brand. A brand should have the ability to identify a company’s product and services, it should be able to tell us about the culture of the business, it should add value to the business, it should inspire the employers and it should influence the customers to make a purchase.

Well established businesses in Fiji have a clear advantage when it comes to branding, because a brand can be developed above a period of time. However, branding for small and new businesses in Fiji can be difficult. The competitive nature of businesses in Fiji does not allow businesses to properly develop a brand. Branding in Fiji is not given a major focus, contrarily, in most of the first-world countries, businesses rely heavily on their brands. We in Fiji need to understand that your brand is an asset, and whether or not if a business is making a profit or not, the brand itself can be of high value. Brand management can set a business apart from their competition and it can also increase customer loyalty.

Logo designers in Fiji often ignore the connection a logo should have to the business. A common misconception is that a logo should resemble the company or the industry. A logo should identify values and what a company is trying to achieve. The first perceptions need to communicate what you want others to think of your business; are you just another hotel, touring company, restaurant or supermarket? Or is your brand and logo strong enough to set you apart from your competitor?

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Malamala Beach Club Branding and Graphics

Why Work With Power Marketing

Is your business new and are you looking for an identity? Or do you think your existing brand no longer connects to the customer? Has your business grown and you think it is time to refresh your brand? We are here to help you define, refine and refresh your brand. We work with some of the most creative minds that can help your business find an identity. Our aim is to provide your business with a brand that will help your business be successful. We have worked on a number of branding projects in Fiji and Australia, by creating or refreshing brands. We can also be called logo designers because we create concepts and motifs to match your business.