Making a perfect website is a complicated task. Web development processes require a number of skills. As a leading web development company in Fiji, we understand the importance of having a great website. We also understand the importance of combining overall marketing strategies with online marketing strategies.

We are able to work in a way that we are able to provide the best website development process to our clients. As web developers in Fiji, we are constantly learning, listening and adapting to the trends and business practises present in Fiji and the South Pacific.

We believe that the first step to a successful website design and development process is to understand the overall marketing plan. Every business is unique and their strength, weakness and marketing road map is different. Just like any marketing, the user/visitor is at the centre of attention. Our website development process includes understanding how the website design will affect the user. It is this simple philosophy that makes us good web developers for the Fiji environment.

User Experience Design

If someone is ever doing research on building a website, then they often come across the term user experience. So what exactly is user experience and why is it important? User experience refers to the way a visitor will navigate on your website. That is the simplest of definitions; however there is a need to breakdown that explanation. A good web developer would make a website that is easy to use for visitors, information is accessible, links are available, hovers work perfectly, images contain alt text, load time is fast and many other small but important details.

As a leading website development company in Fiji, we are able to embed these qualities in a website. One of the key reasons we focus greatly on user experience is we understand that visitors can turn into customers. If a visitor is on your website and the website is not able to capture their attention, or worse, drive them away, then the website has been poorly built.

Content Management System – WordPress

We have built websites using content management systems that help our clients manage their own websites. A content management system is a backend system for websites that can be used to upload new content, making style changes, add new pages and do many other functions. A content management system helps our clients be in charge of their website, rather than relying on us or other developers to do changes.

The most common content management system is WordPress, and the reason for its popularity is because it is easy to manage. WordPress has a number of benefits, one of the main reasons people love WordPress is because there are a lot of resources available to help. Around 1 in every 12 websites on the internet has been built using WordPress. We have worked on over 50 WordPress websites from 2016. Our experience in building customized WordPress websites help our clients work independently after a launch. We are one of the leading WordPress development companies in Fiji.

The other reason WordPress is popular is that themes and designs are available. Additionally, WordPress community provides plugins to add functionalities onto the website. They are easy to update and is considered a user friendly content management system. Also, Google trusts WordPress websites therefore this helps in search engine optimization.

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Squarespace, Shopify & Umbraco

Some of the other commonly used content management systems we recommend are Squarespace, Shopify and Umbraco. Website designers in Fiji are familiar with Squarespace websites. We as a leading web design and development agency in Fiji have also preferred using Squarespace. We believe Squarespace is the perfect content management system for someone who is either building a temporary/transitional website or doesn’t want to spend a lot. Additionally Squarespace has a great eCommerce functionality that can help businesses built an online store. Squarespace is easy to use with its drag and drop functionality, and website designers highly recommend it as a CMS.

Shopify is one of the most recommended eCommerce content management system. We have designed and launched a number of Shopify websites in Fiji. As web developers in Fiji, we recommend Shopify only to businesses that are in the retail industry. Shopify normally requires the hand of the good developer to get the job done because of its powerful eCommerce functionalities. However, Shopify has the best eCommerce content management system out there.

Umbraco is another widely used content management system. It is not the most popular CMS in Fiji, however there are number of businesses that have Umbraco websites. One of the leading advantages of using Umbraco is that it can be modified in any way you wish. Umbraco relies heavily on Microsoft technologies and is a developer focused content management system.

Responsive Design

What does the term responsive websites mean? Responsive web designs mean building a website that is able to adapt to different screen sizes. No longer are we living in a period where most users come from one device. Once upon a time, most internet users only used desktop machines.

recent study suggests that more than 50% of internet users access a website using a mobile device.

Building a website that is responsive to both a desktop and mobile is important. If every 1 out of 2 people use a different device type then we as a web developers and web designers need to build a website to accommodate this. Mobile internet is popular in Fiji, and the reason for this is because telecommunication companies such as Vodafone and Digicel are actively marketing their services.

We at Power Marketing would always ensure that when a user switches from a laptop to a phone, the website automatically switches the resolution with it. We are experienced web developers in Fiji therefore we spend a bulk amount of our time focusing on responsive websites.

People love their phones, it fits in a pocket and we are all accustomed to it. As a web designer in Fiji, our aim is to ensure that when someone visits your website, they have a great experience.

Tokoriki Island Resort Website Design and Development by Power Marketing Digital Marketing Agency Fiji

Website Maintenance

Power Marketing is a website development agency in Fiji that ensures the websites we work on have excellent health. Most people ignore the health of their website after its launch. However, maintenance of a website is highly recommended.

What are some of the things we need to look for when checking website maintenance? The speed of the website should be one of the main focuses. There a number of reasons the speed of a website matters, firstly we all lack in patience, therefore if your website starts to slow down then users will start leaving. The other important reason to check for speed is because Google SEO focuses on speed and it sees the website load time as a ranking factor.

Check for out-dated plugins and ensure you have updated them. Also check for broken links, this can be an irritating experience for the user – nobody likes to click on a broken link. Check if the website is still compatible with all the commonly used browsers. Regularly check your analytics and get on top of your CTAs, landing pages, user interactions and traffic.

A website should never be finished. As technology moves ahead, so do the users, therefore it is our responsibility as website administrators, designers and developers to continue working on the website.

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